This is not the baby on board sign that you remember.  The gun on board sign is for those that believe in their right to carry and own weapons.  Many people today have what is called a victim mentality.  With your gun on board sign clearly displayed for all to see you will be telling them that you are a law abiding citizen that is willing to protect themselves and those around them from criminals wishing to do life threatening harm. 

The Gun on Board sign also helps to notify law enforcement personnel that a firearm is in the vehicle.  This will help for traffic to go much smother for law abiding citizens that are caring a firearm.   

Gun on Board sign is great for business as well.  As the economy fluctuates, crime within our neighborhood fluctuates as well.  This means that occasionally criminals roam around for an easy score.  With a Gun on Board sign clearing visible in your store front you will let criminals know that you do not take kindly to someone coming into your place of business and placing your customers and employees lives at risk. 

If you believe in your right to protect yourself, your loved ones and those around you then pick up your Gun on Board sign today and display it proudly.

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For those of you with the baby on board sign, the gun on board sign would go very nice right beside it.    Taking the responsibility of lawfully caring a gun is not something that should be taken lightly.  It is recommended that you continuously train.  This includes dry fire training and live fire training.  Training is a lot like practice except we train like our lives depend on it, because IT DOES.  If you always train using a smooth six step draw from the holster however you will be caring it in real life then when the time comes to use your weapon you will be prepared.  Doing this not only makes sure that you are prepared but that your equipment is up to the task.  If your equipment cannot stand up to the task of training then how do you expect it to perform when it counts?  I know that the leather holster is nice and pretty but when was the last time you took it through the passes out at the range?  Another thought is when at home you should use the six step draw when taking it off and on for each day’s activities. 

I mention this last part because I have to.  If for any reason the gun on board sign creates undesirable activity or consequences in any way we (anyone associated with gun on board or ) are not responsible.

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